This is the “home page” for the discography for my book Wisconsin Riffs:  Jazz Profiles from the Heartland.

Listed for each chapter are recordings by the artists discussed in that chapter.  For the “historical” chapters, I have selected a number of recordings that are either discussed in the book, or are representative of the artists’ work.  I generally refer to the recordings by album title — LP, CD or both.  But I realize that is not the way many people access or purchase music anymore.  So I have made some reference to iTunes, and what is available there, although the music is listed there by album as well.

With many of the artists I interviewed for the book, I asked them for their specific favorites, or representative works that they would want people to hear.  This is especially true of the subjects of Chapters 7, 8 and 9 — Seven Pianists, West Coast Players and New York Stars.  But it is also true of many local artists, as you will see.

Click on any of the chapters to see discographical information for the musicians of that chapter.

If you have any questions, comments or additions to the lists (especially you artists!), please feel free to get in touch with me through the contact page.

Chapter 1 Bunny Berigan

Chapter 2 Woody Herman

Chapter 3 Les Paul

Chapter 4 Early Milwaukee Jazz

Chapter 5 Swing

Chapter 6 Three Singers

Chapter 7 Pianists

Chapter 8 West Coast

Chapter 9 New York

Chapter 10 Milwaukee Mainstream

Chapter 11 Modern Jazz in Milwaukee

Chapter 12 Jazz Rock

Chapter 13 Madison Singers

Chapter 14 UW-Madison

Chapter 15 More Milwaukeeans

Chapter 17 Racine-Kenosha

Chapter 18 Fox Valley

Chapter 19 Outliers