Next Step in Jarreau project

On February 15, as scheduled, I turned in the Al Jarreau biography manuscript to the Wisconsin Historical Society Press. It will still be a long time before the book actually appears (sometime in 2023), yet this is a very big step in the process.

At some point in the reasonably near future, I will begin the deep give and take with WHSP editor Liz Wyckoff that will lead to the final version of the book. I’m very happy that I will be collaborating with Liz again. She was the incredibly skilled editor with whom I worked on the last book, Wisconsin Riffs. With Liz and others at the WHSP, decisions will be made about photographs, layout, cover, title (!), and all the many other details that go into producing an attractive, quality product.

I’m posting this on the birthday of Al Jarreau (he would have been 82 on March 12), near the birthday of his older sister Rose Marie Freeman (undisclosed age and birthday!), who has been the most important ally in getting this book together. Rose Marie just this week has sent off to me yet more photographs from the family archives to consider for inclusion in the book.

Very best wishes to all who are reading this. Keep the faith.


One thought on “Next Step in Jarreau project

  1. Thanks for the update Kurt. This is really exciting and hope you’ll keep us in the loop. Good luck with all of the various steps that have to happen!


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