More Steps Forward

I thought that I would be making my next post about the continued progress of Never Givin’ Up: The Life and Music of Al Jarreau sooner than this. But things don’t always go according to plan — or at least to schedule. Just a disclaimer here: while I’ve tried not to include too many details […]

Next Step

It’s been about four months since I last reported on the Al Jarreau biography project. I’m happy to say that things have gone just about as had been planned. Last week a milestone in the process was passed. As expected, the heavy lifting of the process happened over the past six weeks or so. My […]

More progress with Jarreau biography

On Wednesday, May 18, I went to Madison and met with Liz, my editor at the Wisconsin Historical Society Press. After not seeing one another for what seems like a long time (since pre-pandemic), we had a very pleasant hour and a half visit about the upcoming schedule for the Al Jarreau biography. It is […]

Next Step in Jarreau project

On February 15, as scheduled, I turned in the Al Jarreau biography manuscript to the Wisconsin Historical Society Press. It will still be a long time before the book actually appears (sometime in 2023), yet this is a very big step in the process. At some point in the reasonably near future, I will begin […]


I didn’t intend to “keep silent” on this site for so long, but for a variety of reasons it just worked out that way. However, a lot has happened since I last posted. While doing other things, including continuing to practice every day and playing a reasonable number of gigs, I have been working hard […]

August ’21

Just a short shot here: For one thing, I want to announce this week’s concert by the Paul Dietrich Jazz Ensemble, for the Green Lake Festival of Music. That concert will take place Thursday night (August 5) at the Thrasher Opera House in Green Lake. It will feature a stellar band, with many of the […]


If Fred Sturm were still walking this earth, today he (and we) would be celebrating his 70th birthday.  Some of us will anyway. Fred was one of the great jazz educators.  Ever.  (Our friend Greg Keel referred to him as “the gold standard.”)  Fred was, thankfully, recognized for that during his lifetime, in official ways.  […]

Cliff Gribble

Here’s a profile of yet another great jazz educator in Wisconsin, my friend Cliff Gribble. I first got to know Cliff when he was a major force in the relatively new Wisconsin chapter of the National Association of Jazz Educators. I’m sorry to say that at that time I did not hear any of his […]